Force Atlas 3D: New plugin to visualize your graphs in 3D with Gephi

Hi, Just released today a plugin to visualize your networks in 3D with Gephi: Force Atlas 3D. Find it herepicbut  you can install it directly from within Gephi, by following these instructions.

Your 2D networks are now visualized in the 3D space. Effects of depth and perspective make it easier to perceive the structure of your network.

“Which node is most central” can get a new answer, visually: nodes “nested” inside the network are surely interesting to look at.

This plugin was written on top of the Force Atlas 2 plugin, developed by Mathieu Jacomy et al. and that you can find installed by default in Gephi already. Thanks to them for this great work!

Ok that’s basically it. The following is just a couple of thoughts on the use of 3D in dataviz.

There is a lot of comments out there on how 3D in dataviz is a cheap way to buy attention (e.g., here), at the cost of the quality of the viz. I think that 3D layouts for networks are a case where the usefulness of the 3D view counterbalances its costs (visual occlusion since nodes can be hidden behind each other, and possible biases due to perspective).

In the phase of exploratory analysis, when you look for patterns and structure in the network, adding an extra dimension really helps these pattern emerge. The centrality of a node gets visualized in a better way thanks to its “nested” position in 3D, with the rest of the network curled around it.

Another interesting benefit is the better perception of the relations between communities of nodes: while in 2D we can observe two communities being neighbors because they touch each other, switching to 3D can reveal more complex patterns. For example  they could be laying out on two parallel planes on top of each other, with few connections between them actually.

It would be very welcome to have camera movements enabling the viewer to shift the network around, giving better views from convenient angles. I am in contact with the Gephi core developers to see if that’s possible.

Finally, the nice thing about this plugin is that it lets you choose: switch on the 3D, but switch back to the 2D view whenever you want. Just see for yourself.

I am Clement Levallois, researcher at Erasmus University Rotterdam.

You can  find my academic work, training materials and portolio here: htpp:// or follow me on Twitter

6 thoughts on “Force Atlas 3D: New plugin to visualize your graphs in 3D with Gephi

  1. Really like the 3D extension to the ForceAtlas2d. However, after downloading the github repository of My Plugins for Gephi, I am unable to successfully incorporate the code into the Gehpi master project. It would appear the ForceAtlas3D project files are missing. Please advise;-)

  2. Thanks for developing the plugin. It works like a charm! It would be great if you could export the network in a 3d file format (e.g., .dae, .3ds, etc.) or control the camera in Gephi to rotate around in 3D space.

      1. It’s been a long time! I actually did find a way to convert it to a .dae file. I’m actually trying to remember how I did it and stumbled upon this thread from 3 years ago. From what I remember, I used the node coordinates (x, y, z) produced by the ForceAtlas3D algorithm to create a script that reproduced the nodes and edges in Blender ( then exported from there as a DAE file.

        Knowledge Network
        by Camaal Moten
        on Sketchfab

  3. I’m a newbie on Gephi. How can I use the plugin? I’ve already installed it, but I don’t know how to use it 😦

  4. Hi yes, I’ll second that. It would be great to be able to export the datatset to 3d splines for use in 3d software. DWG, ai (illustrator) would work fine.

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