Gephi – curated list of tutorials


1. General introductions to Gephi

Gephi Quick start by the Gephi Consortium
A slideshare presentation created by the Gephi team.

Introduction to network visualization with Gephi by Martin GrandJean
All the basics explained in one single web page with clear graphics.

Gephi: A tutorial for beginners
A pdf document,  a bit dense but complete by yours truly.

Gephi: A video tutorial by Stratidev (in French)
A Youtube video in 15 minutes.

Intro to Gephi Handout by Katya Ognyanova
4-page pdf with many screenshots introducing Gephi main functions, very readable.

Gephi Tutorial by Devin Gaffney
A simple web page with illustrations, with a Github repo for more advanced steps and examples of files to play around.

2. Tutorials focused on social media networks

Facebook Network Analysis using Gephi by Sarah Joy Murray.
How to visualize the network of your Facebook friends.

Step-by-step introduction tutorial to Gephi using Facebook network by  learly explained with many screenshots.

Getting Started With The Gephi Network Visualisation App – My Facebook Network part 1 and part 2 by Tony Hirst
A tutorial which has a lot of success.

Visualising Twitter Friend Connections Using Gephi by Tony Hirst
Very detailed, full of tips blog post on how to effectively create a viz of a Twitter network.

3. Gephi: tutorials on advanced functions

Gephi: A tutorial to visualize dynamic networks by myself.
A pdf doc on how to visualize networks that evolve in time with Gephi.

Visualisez dynamiquement le crawl du Googlebot avec Gephi by Aurelien Berrut
[in French]. An excellent blog post with screenshots on how to create dynamic networks from log data.

Getting started with Gephi by History Blogger
This is a small introductory tutorial, but it provides a step-by-step explanation on how to use the plugin SigmaJS to export a visualization to the web. Nice!

Video tutorials on filters and more, by Jennifer Golbeck
Very clearly explained v
ideos accompanying a book on “Analyzing the social web“.

Tutoriel sur les fonctionnalités avancées de Gephi : usage des filtres pour obtenir des cartographies plus lisibles, by  Guillaume Sylvestre
[in French]. Very detailed tutorial focusing on filters.


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