Towards a MOOC “Creating mobile apps” for entrepreneurs

In my school and in Lyon, the city where I live, everyone is helped in starting their entrepreneurial projects. Startup weekends, startup challengesboosters, incubatorsstartup creation projectsI visit and sometimes participate in these events. Listening to the pitches of the teams, I noticed something. 90% of them start the same way:

“So, our idea is to create an app, what it does is…”

But nobody in the team knows how to code an app. Nobody in the room, really, knows how to create an app. There is this hope that maybe, a geek friend from an engineering school will give a hand to code the app… or there is also the hope to convince a banker or a business angel to finance the prototype of an app… In practice, this almost never happens. Tons of excellent projects are abandoned or drag on forever because apps never materialize.

But what if apps could be created by everyone? Let’s dream a bit

iOS_Android_Windows_Phone_Wide1) everyone invited: not just those who already know how to code. Like, supra easy to create.

2) the app should be fantastic: not a web page packaged as a fake app, but a real app with access to all functionalities of the phone that it needs (camera, GPS, contacts…)

3) the app should be available on the Playstore (for Android), the App Store (for Apple), and Windows Phone’s Store.

4) and the tool to create the app should be free if possible. No yearly subscription to pay, no fee if the app is made for commercial use…

It can be done: Towards a MOOC “Creating mobile apps” for entrepreneurs

I am really excited to create a MOOC teaching anyone how to create mobile apps for Android, iOS and Windows Phone. It will open on Sept 2015. The objective of this MOOC is to take participants from a very basic starting point (no coding skills) to the creation of their own functional, native app available in Android, Apple and Windows Phone versions, and this in just 30 hours and for free. So that we see every entrepreneur able to launch their own apps.

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[EDIT 15/03/2015] First steps here!